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New Pod World Order (NPWO) is a collaborative group of podcasts. The NPWO works together to spread the word of each podcast, thru cross promotion, social media, and listener base. 

Podcast Enviroment

To anyone new to podcasting and getting setup one of the things to take into consideration is your room environment. Rooms play a role in how your voice will sound and how your voice is captured. Your voice in certain rooms will act different based upon the properties the room has. To get a nice sound, ideally a room without reflective surfaces is best. Consider looking into a carpeted room versus one with a tile floor. Rooms that are full of wall hangings are also good as they will absorb any reverb. Egg carton/crates are a solid easy low-cost option to use that help reduce reverb so don’t shy away from this folklore tale. Amazon and other online retailers sell foam squares for those on a higher budget. Some of the best recordings I have done were inside of walk-in closet. Another thing to be aware of when selecting the ideal podcast room is the outside noise of your room. Are you in a room near the exterior of your house that captures that noisy neighbor driving by? Does your room sit near a utility room where a furnace goes off a lot? As you step into setting up your space to podcast in these factors will play into your post-production hours. The cleaner sounding your podcast room is the better your sound will be.