New Pod World Order

Podcasts For The World

New Pod World Order (NPWO) is a collaborative group of podcasts. The NPWO works together to spread the word of each podcast, thru cross promotion, social media, and listener base. 

So you want to podcast? Having a hard time deciding who will host your creative project? Let New Pod World Order take your podcast to a new level, We offer for $65 a year UNLIMITED INDEFINITE hosting storage no restrictions. We believe that you should be able to podcast as much as you want with out having to shell out more money. We will handle getting your podcast on Itunes, Googleplay, CastBox and Stitcher. As a paying member you will get added to the Podcast Family with links to all  your podcast social media accounts and websites. Your podcast will also be available for streaming through the "Listen Now" page of the New Pod World Order website. We are solely committed to making your podcast available to the world. We will never claim rights to your podcast/project nor ask you to advertise on behalf of the network. Your podcast is your creative outlet and your project. For information on how to join please email or